March 17, 2013

Featured Artist: Brad Stroman, Contemporary Realist

Brad Stroman, Contemporary Realist Mixed Media
Artist Statement:  My paintings reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature. By incorporating the Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetic of wabi-sabi I can create a stage where both nature and man-made surfaces and objects play out their balancing act. The aesthetic of wabi-sabi encourages a contemplative look at our lives through a meditative and disciplined search for humility and an understanding of our place in the physical world. It professes a belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent, and imperfect. One will discover the interaction of those tenets throughout the images in my compositions.

See Brad Stroman's work in the Studio and Gallery located in the River Arts District at Pink Dog Creative Studios,  348 Depot Street Asheville,  Hours: Wednesday through Friday 10am to 4pm, or by appointment call: 717-799-3025

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