February 25, 2014

NC Painter William Jameson Offers " Working Large" Workshop

March 20 - 22: Working Large: Conquer Your Fear.  Leave your comfort zone and enjoy working a little or a lot larger than your usual sizes. Become adept at making larger as well as better paintings and discover why some compositions are meant to be small works and others translate beautifully to a larger format.

This 3 day studio workshop will be a fun and intensive exploration of handling a large canvas. Participants will learn how to select compositions that "work" for large scale paintings and how to execute them without letting the size intimidate. Painters will work in their choice of acrylic or oil.

The workshop will begin with a "get acquainted party" on Wednesday evening, March 19th at the Jameson home and studio. Each painting day will start with conversation related to studio technique over coffee, tea and pastries. There will be daily demonstrations working on a large painting. There will be a break for lunch ("Dutch") and conversation at one of Saluda's delightful cafes. This workshop is limited to 12 participants so register early with your deposit of $100.00. For more information,  visit www.williamjameson.com or call Bill at 828-749-3101 or email billj@williamjameson.com.

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