January 16, 2015

"Retirement" Sale Continues at Gallery Minerva

With the end of the gallery's days looming, there are still exceptional deals available.  Here are a few: Michael Alfano's iconic(and giant) "Foot" is now just $300.  Or Shu Wu Lin 's beautiful oil paintings for , well, check it out... There's also a Michelle Miller figurative and a little Sedgwick triptych, too.

Get a Pablo Dent sculpture, a Michelle Miller, Shawn Krueger, Kate Lackman or Nathaniel Galka painting, before they are returned to the artists. There are still several Anne Bachelier signed Gallery Minerva Show posters for $50 each and a copy of her "Le Livre" book for $100.

Cheryl Gross "Z Factor" t-shirts and books are $20 each As for the gallery stuff: If anyone is interested in the Gallery Minerva exterior sign, or the steel "ART" street sign, just contact the gallery. There is also have the white bar and barstools that were used as a desk. Just make an offer an any of these.

Until it closes, Gallery Minerva and Gallery Asheville is located at 8 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville NC. 828-699-2787 

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