February 11, 2015

Cloth Fiber Workshop Begins 2015 Workshop Schedule

March 19, 20, 21, 2015 - Dyeing Primary and Secondary Colors Naturally with Catharine Ellis. Using indigo blue and a selection of yellow and red dyes you'll achieve greens and violets.  The workshop will incorporate all of the skills needed by the natural dyer: fiber preparation, indigo vat use, mordanting, and dyeing with plant or insect dyes.

The workshop will begin with using an organic indigo vat, and then preparing both protein and cellulose fibers for dyeing. You'll use mordants specifically for immersion dyeing as well as mordant printing. A palette of greens and violets will be developed by over-dying indigo blue with yellow and red dyes. You'll learn how to finish naturally dyed fibers and investigate why the sequencing of color is so important in creating mixed colors. 
Each participant will complete a notebook of samples in wool, silk, cotton and linen. Level of Expertise: All levels
 Fee: $310 + materials fee.

Cloth Fiber Workshop is located at 122 Riverside Drive, Ste D in the River Arts District,  Asheville NC

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