March 8, 2016

WIngate Fellowship Grant Artist Talks at Asheville's Center for Craft, Creativity and Design

February 26, 6 - 7:30 PM at the Center for Crafts, Creativity and Design, 67 Broadway Street in Asheville NC: Windgate Fellowship Project Grant Artist Talks with Andrea Donnelly, Aaron McIntosh, and Mark Reigelman II.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Windgate Fellowship Award in 2015, marking $1.5 million awarded to 100 emerging craft artists nationwide, CCCD expanded the program to include three $10,000 project grants awarded to previous Windgate Fellows. The 2015 Windgate Fellow Project Grant recipients are Andrea Donnelly (Richmond, VA), Aaron McIntosh (Baltimore, MD), Mark Reigelman II (Brooklyn, NY). Donnelly, McIntosh, and Reigelman will travel to Asheville, NC on February 26 to deliver a series of rapid fire artist talks and project updates, including:

Smokers - Mark A. Reigelman II, Brooklyn, NY.  Smokers looks at mysterious and commonplace symbols of the city, transforming one of New York's many steam emitting pipes with a meticulously fabricated mini cabin that rests on top.

The Crown Jewel Project - Andrea Donnelly, Richmond, VA. The Crown Jewel Project explores questions of the false dichotomy of conceptual versus functional weaving, looking at value, object, art and labor using "scarf" as conceptual canvas.

Invasive - Aaron McIntosh, Baltimore, MD. Invasive subverts the negative characterization of invasive species and uses queer kudzu as a demonstrative tool of visibility, strength, and tenacity in the face of presumed "unwantedness".

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