June 21, 2016

Random Arts Workshops this Week

Workshops at Random Arts, 481 Louisiana Avenue in Saluda NC - sign up NOW before they're all full:

  • Tuesday, June 21, 2006 -  ZenDoodle from 10 AM to noon 
  • Thursday, June 23, 2006 - Gouache Resist from 10 AM to noon $30 (4 spaces available) - Beginners and children with parents welcome 
  • Friday, June 24, 2006 - Printmaking in Water Media with Helen Shafer Garcia 
  • Saturday, June 25, 2006 -  Color Pencil Journaling with Helen Shafer Garcia 
  • Sunday, June 26, 2006 -  Featured Adornments with Helen Shafer Garcia 

Helen Shafer Garcia returns to Random Arts 
for 3 NEW Workshops 

Helen Shafer Garcia  is as an artist, illustrator, arts instructor and gardener. As her bio states, Helen's paintings are an emotionally drawn encounter with paint, color and texture that invokes the spirit for a intriguing visual journey. Some of the images recount visuals from Mexico, New Zealand and other lands intertwining legends, flora, fauna and icons. She's currently working with watercolor, pastel and mixed media creating contemporary images on paper along with a series of Icon folklore triptychs with wood, watermedia and found object construction.

"NEW" PRINTMAKING 'Know How' with Helen Shafer Garcia - Experimental Watermedia approaches will be explored with watercolor and acrylic with a focus on composition, negative painting, and textures. Build up layers with translucent hues and simple printmaking techniques. Metaphors and messages can play a thoughtful role in your works with added bits of collage and text. Be prepared to loosen up and experiment with different resists and textures to build up the surfaces, paint translucent layers, and create extraordinary shapes. 10 am till 4pm $125. ($10 kit fee payable at time of class).

Colored Pencil "Mixed up" Mixed Media Journaling - (All levels of experience welcome) Colored pencils are such good therapy. Pressing down pure color on smooth paper leads to endless good vibes. Participants combine watercolors, water-soluble pens, and colored pencils while learning clever user-friendly ways to draw. These drawing methods will ease those ever so present inhibitions about drawing lines and shapes. Learn how to blend beautiful color layers and create dark and light mixtures. You'll be prompted to create small poems that will be collaged in a clever way throughout the works. $5.00 kit fee includes: Tombow pens, Chartpak pens, gesso, paper text for collage 10am till 4pm $125.

Featured Adornments with Helen Shafer Garcia - (All Levels of Experience Welcome) Pick up a brush and immerse into your creativity with watercolor, color pencils, water-soluble pens to create an enriched, "hair with an attitude" portrait. Adornments, ribbons and jewels are all this girl needs. Drawing doesn't have to be something just "artists" do. Learn simple ways to see the shapes and lines of the face. We'll work on a special crinkly textured rice paper that will accept paint beautifully. Paint and ink will flow into the crevices of this paper giving the painting a wonderful aged look. We'll use pens to make marks and paint with watercolor, letting the colors blend & fuse together naturally. We'll also add translucent and iridescent layers to create a rich jewel tone surface. Dive into detail with colored pencils, ink lines, & adornments to embellish the shapes. Limit 12 students $5.00 supply fee includes: White gouache, metallic paints, white ink, acrylic soft gel and varnish. 10 am til 4pm $125.

Coming soon to Random Arts Wearables:  lightweight, packable, comfy, artsy and asymmetrical tunics Available in S. M. L. XL $56. (shipping via Priority Mail to U.S. $6.95) 

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