December 31, 2013

Handmade in America last Minute Donations

a message from Handmade in America:
HandMade in America is close to the end of our Annual Fund campaign, and we are ALMOST at our $5,000 goal! There are only a few days left, and every dollar donated helps us get that much closer. You could make the difference - if 20 generous people gave $100, we would reach our goal in no time!

It is a scary, complex economic reality out there, with the recession, shifts in the economy, charged political environment, and increasing budget cuts. Government programs and funding are slashed every day. This shifting landscape affects us all; it impacts the availability of jobs, the businesses we interact with every day, and the towns we call home. We all want healthy, thriving, and exciting places to call home, but our region needs organizations that work to make this happen!
This is what HandMade does; we are in the business of you! We know what is good for the region is good for us all. Today we need your help. Your investment, through a year-end gift, will ensure our work continues to work for the good of all our lives. I ask you to donate today – and right now a matching gift means your donation doubles its impact!

Donating is easy: click the above link, visit our website at, or send in your donation to our office at 125 S. Lexington Ave., Suite 101, Asheville, NC 28801. For questions or to donate over the phone, contact our Manager of Engagement Helene Herbert at or (828) 252-0121 x306. You may also contact me at or (828) 252-0121 x308. 

Thank you for your support of our work – it an investment in our region that is definitely worthwhile!

Glenn Cox

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