January 11, 2014

Tree of Life Plaque added to Dillsboro Mural "On Hallowed Ground"

January 14 at 12:00 noon in Dillsboro - a special event: the stunning three dimensional "Tree of Life" bronze plaque which was cast and finished by the Jackson County Green Energy Park and Western Carolina University art students will be attached to the Dillsboro historical mural, "On Hallowed Ground." Hanging from the bronze casting will be the permanent metal engraved donor's plaque honoring those who donated to the mural. 

Members of the bronze pour team were:
Timm Muth (GEP Director)
Chelsea Miller (WCU Art Education
Colton Williford (WCU Construction Management)
Kevin McNiff (WCU Ceramics Graduate Program)

Bronze for the tree of life was recovered from melted valve bodies, old bronze artwork, and scraps from previous pours.

The Jackson County Green Energy Park (GEP) is an award-winning project that uses landfill gas (bio-methane), waste wood, and waste vegetable oil as fuel for a series of art studios. GEP facilities currently include the only set of blacksmith forges and metal foundry in the world fueled with landfill gas, an innovative public-access ceramics kiln fired with wood & waste vegetable oil, and one of only three glass shops fired with landfill gas. The GEP hosts public tours and demonstrations, hands-on classes and the renown Youth Arts Festival each September. The GEP seeks to create art and community using renewable energy resources.

The downtown Dillsboro historical mural, painted by Doreyl Ammons Cain, was unveiled on October 6, 2013 during ColorFest. The GEP created the "Tree of Life" plaque as a donation to the mural project.

Learn more on the Dillsboro NC Visitor Guide.

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