September 9, 2014

Penland School of Crafts Offers Fall One-week Workshops

Nontraditional Longstitch Binding
with Beth Schaible
Create an array of functional longstitch books, starting with basic stitching and moving quickly to nontraditional patterns.  All levels.  October 5-11.

Other Possible Outcomes: Reexamining Glass Beads
with Amy Lemaire
In this workshop we'll reexamine glass beads as portable sculpture that is both personal and public, and we'll consider the body as a site for wearable sculpture. We'll cover traditional and experimental approaches to flameworking as well as cold-working and jewelry fabrication. All levels. October 5-11.

Surface Adornment on Steel
with Ben Dory
Using steel as a base, we will explore how to transform the surface of this rigid material with texture, thin layers of precious metals, and gemstones. All levels.  October 5-11.

A Week of Shino
with Kent McLaughlin
Bring your stoneware or porcelain bisqueware suitable for cone 10 temperatures, and we'll explore a variety of shinos and some of the techniques that are possible with this intriguing glaze, including carbon trapping, wax-resist patterning, manipulated drying, carbon cooling, and glaze layering. All levels. October 19-25.

Rethinking Wet Plate Collodion Photography
with David Emitt Adams
In this workshop we'll explore tintypes and ambrotypes - two photographic techniques based on wet plate collodion materials. You'll explore the possibilities of these materials, experiment, and create alternative methods of display for your photographs. All levels. October 19-25.

Foundations of Furniture
with Russell F. Gale, Jr.
There are so many things to think about when building a piece of furniture: design, material selection, joinery, edge and surface treatments, shop safety, etc. In this workshop we'll work through these issues and more as we each build a small table. October 19-25. All levels. Class is currently full; please contact to be placed on a waiting list.
Letterpress Basics & Beyond
with Jessica C. White
Get to know your way around letterpress printing by learning the basics and exploring a variety of ways to create relief prints on a Vandercook press. All levels. Nov. 2-8.

Weaving: The First Layer
with Beth Ross Johnson
By learning to warp with multiple threads, to beam on without tangles, and other tricks of the trade, we can use the process of winding a warp as a way to establish a foundation for fabrics that will go where we want them to go.  All levels. Nov. 2-8.

Carving Wooden Jewelry
with Sarah Martin
Looking to expand your jewelry repertoire? This class will show you how to carve wood on a small scale appropriate for jewelers. We'll cover how to safely carve with both knives and dremels and how to transform these carvings with surface embellishment, findings, and finishing techniques. All levels. Nov. 2-8.

Penland School of Crafts is a national center for craft education located in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Penland's focus on excellence, its long history, and its inspiring, retreat setting have made it a model of experiential education. The school offers workshops in books and paper, clay, drawing and painting, glass, iron, metals, photography, printmaking and letterpress, textiles, wood, and other media. Penland sponsors artist residencies, a gallery and visitors center, and community education programs. Penland is located at 67 Doras Trail, Penland, NC - near Spruce Pine. 

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