March 21, 2015

Mug Lottery at Penland

Students in Cynthia Bringle’s fall clay workshop at Penland School of Crafts have been making a lot of mugs. So this day they had a mug lottery. Pay $10 and pull a number out of a bowl. Then you look through all the mugs on the desk and find the one that has your number; that’s your new mug. 

Cynthia and the class are encouraging everyone to take their mugs when they go to the coffee house so they can cut down on paper cup consumption. This is staff member Yolanda Walker finding her mug. As it happened the guy at the wheel behind her made one with her number on it.

Penland School of Crafts is located on Conley Ridge Road in Penland NC, near Spruce Pine. Get more photos and Penland updates by subscribing to the Penland Sketch Book.

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