February 26, 2013

Artist Opportunity for WNC Designers

Three local creatives have come together to provide an exciting opportunity for craft artists and designers of all kinds. Fashion designer Angela Kim and Knitwear designer Ryan-Ashley Anderson are working as stylists in collaboration with Art Director Chris Sams for a photo shoot that combines rustic rural scenery with contemporary handmade furniture, apparel, jewelry and accessories to showcase the talents and skills of WNC designers.
Why be a part of this?

Collaboration is an important part of networking and a great way to expand your market. This project is meant to help you, and the coordinating designers, diversify  portfolios. The photos produced from this project will be used on various blogs where all designers will get credited for their specific work and participation in the project. Additionally, as a designer you will receive files of any photos your work is featured in! Use them for your blog, your website, or advertising.
The Details:
Submissions  will be accepted until March 5, 2013. Since this is a fashion shoot, some of the things you might not think of submitting could be exactly what is being looked for. On the other hand, some of your most popular items may not be right for this. Have fun and be creative when submitting.
*Submissions due                                         Tuesday, March 5, 5 pm                            
Acceptance e-mails go out                           Wednesday, March 6
Accepted work drop-off                                Friday, March 8, 4 pm.
Work will be accepted after 4 PM because HIA will be setting up for the Breaking Ground: Innovative Craft reception that evening.
*For this call,  only e-mail submissions will be accepted. 
Please e-mail photos (JPEGS only) and entry form to: randerson@handmadeinamerica.org with subject line: ‘ATTN: Rustic Urban’. 
PLEASE NOTE: ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DIGITAL. No photographs or slides will be accepted.
Artists may submit up to three pieces in JPEG format on a standard sized CD or by email to exhibitions@handmadeinamerica.org. Makers may submit up to two JPEGS (one full shot and one detail) per piece. If more than one image is submitted they MUST all be on one CD. All JPEGs must be named with the artist’s last name followed by 01, 02, 02b, etc. All CDs/images must be readable by PC and MAC platforms. Images must be 300 dpi and no more than 5 MB.  Images should be oriented correctly. DO NOT submit PowerPoint presentations, automated slide presentations or work on DVD. All CDs must be labeled with the artist’s name and the exhibition entry form must be filled in and submitted with your CD or email. An entry form must also accompany all entries.
Entry form can be found HERE (Click on the 'entry form' link)
If you have any questions,  e-mail Ryan-Ashley Anderson at randerson@handmadeinamerica.org

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